What to Expect            Same-day appointments! 



Thank  you for choosing BRPCC for all your

primary  health  care  needs. Our goal is to

keep  you healthy, not  just  treat you when

you  are sick. During every  visit, a team of

experienced    health    care    professionals 

considers  your  overall  health  and  works

with you to develop a plan to help you stay

as healthy as possible. 





You can expect: 


  • Same-day appointments when you are sick 


  • Convenient access to several health services under one roof 


  • Comprehensive and compassionate care in a safe, family-friendly environment 


  • Health care you can afford 


Your doctor or Primary Care Provider is the leader of your health care team, and he/she

will see you every time you visit.


If  your doctor  or  Primary Care Provider  recommends  a  test  or service not available at

one of our three health centers, your Team will arrange for you to receive tests or services

at another facility.


If you need help managing a chronic condition, your doctor may assign a LPN who will: 


  • Give you information and tips to help avoid complications 


  • Teach you new skills to help manage your condition 


Your Care Management Team includes a Nurse, a Medical Assistant and a Primary Care Provider.